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Brontë worshipped Thackeray’s work and dedicated Jane Eyre to him; he was highly flattered and was fascinated to learn that its author, the mysterious Currer Bell, was actually an unmarried woman from an obscure corner of Yorkshire.

Houghton, who publishes her research in the journal Costume, says that Brontë would have been careful about what she wore to the dinner, having already got it wrong by wearing a plain day dress on another very public occasion two years earlier.

Of all the bonnie, bony possibilities on the butcher’s counter – the osso buco and the neck of lamb, the shanks and the trotters – it is oxtail that needs the slowest cooking. Once browned in hot fat, you need to lead an oxtail along the slow road to tenderness in a slow oven, the bones wallowing in stock or wine, and with robust aromatics. Thyme, bay leaves, a head of garlic. Rosemary perhaps. It is not a dish that needs updating, but a curious cook can tweak the details. I gave mine a soft smoky note with a whole head of golden-skinned smoked garlic.

He was a mere mortal who ate too many potatoes, and she was a plain little woman with no social graces, but 165 years after a mutually disappointing encounter between William Makepeace Thackeray and Charlotte Brontë, she has at least been cleared of the mortifying gaffe of wearing a completely unsuitable dress to a grand London dinner party.

Jamero said staged relocations – where people move to larger islands for forecast major weather events, such a king tides coinciding with typhoons – was negotiated between the islanders and government officials.

“I was very upset about the victims and very angry that a group of people organised themselves and took up arms to force their project on others – and that that was applauded by a part of society,” he said.

Sato, who also won here in 2017, said he knew Dixon would have been tough to beat under green. “I know Scott was coming right through, out of turn four, he was screaming”, Sato said. “I had to hold him off.”

A sudden need for a dinner seasoned with tradition and nostalgia. I pick up lumps of oxtail from the butcher’s, a jumble of bones with deep maroon meat marbled with cream-coloured fat. I cook them with sweet roots and ribs of celery, letting the heat of the oven do the work. There is red wine and beef stock, tufts of thyme and twigs of bay and I serve it in the casserole in which it is cooked, with a mash of swedes and a flat, crisp cake of potatoes. The dinner is a dry-run for Burns Night, the sort of food to set us up for wine and whisky and nuevo teclado tfue song.

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March 22, 2019Watkins, meanwhile, said his wife’s detention had been a nightmare.

“Sometimes,” he said on Friday evening, “you have a nightmare and when you wake up you say, ‘OK, the nightmare is over’. When I go to sleep, I have nightmares. When I wake up, I’m still stuck in the nightmare.”

A US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) spokesperson told the Guardian the agency could not comment on specific cases, and referred to a January 2018 preliminary injunction that says it will not accept or approve advance parole requests from Daca recipients.

Watkins told reporters he had been in touch with his wife in the mornings and each night by phone, and had seen her for one hour once a week through “two inches of glass”. He described her level of depression and anxiety as “very high”, even after he spoke with her on Friday morning.

Watkins and the attorney Belinda Arroyo organized the MoveOn petition and support from legislators and the flight attendants’ union, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA.

That powerful group, most recently known for its public attempts to end Donald Trump’s partial government shutdown, called for Saavedra Roman’s immediate release. A protest outside the Conroe facility was planned.

Is the US-Mexico border already at breaking point? Read moreWatkins said his wife called on Friday morning to say she might be released, and the union president, Sara Nelson, said a “representative on the ground” confirmed it would happen.

“This story is just horrific,” Nelson added.

Saavedra Roman grew up in Dallas and went to university at Texas A&M. She received Daca status, which was introduced by Barack Obama, in 2012. After graduating in 2014, she worked in early childhood development.

She married Watkins, a US citizen, in 2017 and is now about halfway through applying for citizenship through an I-130 petition. Her Daca status does not expire until November.

Ice verified her arrest, saying she had “applied for admission” into the country without “valid entry documentation” and was processed as a “refused crewmember”. That is a term that describes staff working for airlines and other carriers who do not have the correct paperwork to enter a country.

Her release, Ice added, was effective “pending adjudication of her immigration proceedings”.

In a statement, the Mesa Airlines chairman and chief executive, Jonathan Ornstein, said: “We are deeply sorry Selene and her husband have had to endure this situation. It is patently unfair for someone to be detained for six weeks over something that is nothing more than an administrative error and a misunderstanding.

“We are doing everything in our power to ask the administration to … drop all charges stemming from this horrible situation.”

Describing her interactions with Saavedra Roman, Arroyo said: “She’s an amazing, sweet girl. There’s a reason Mesa hired her. Flight attendants have great personalities, and she fits the bill.”

Asked about Mesa’s involvement in the case prior to the social media storm touched off in part by Clinton’s tweet, Arroyo said: “No, we haven’t had contact with them before today.”

Asked if there would be a civil suit against the company for its misguided assurance to its employee, Arroyo said: “As of right now, our No 1 focus has been her release. She has not hired a civil attorney.”

She went on to say a suit had not been ruled out.

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